Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Graha Saapam - Curse of the Planets - Part II (Complete)

I have already discussed about the curses given by various planets in my earlier posting on December 2, 2011. Now, as requested by many, I am giving the remedial actions for those curses. The following table will detail out the remedial actions.

Please note that the rule is given by Rishi. But the final judgement is given by God. The best remedy is to meditate with a prayer to the Saptha Rishies during the period of the planet that curses.

Planet that curses
Name of Curse
Remedial Actions

On a Sunday, during Rahu kalam donate an old man with a Book on Bagavath Geetha, a walking stick, a pair of chappals, Umbrella, dress materials etc after offering him food and dakshina. Give him money for his daughter or granddaughter’s marriage


Chant Gayathri mantra one lac time.
Have a dip at Rameswaram sea.
Do parikrama at a Mahavishnu temple 1000 times. This can be done over a period of time


One has to read Hari Vamsa Puranam(the story of Krishna). One has to drop water at a Thulasi plant daily. Have a dip at Kaveri river. Fast on Ekadasi day.


Instal a Vigraham at some temple or do your help in that activity. Install deepam at a mahavishnu temple. Do some public service in a temple. Collect the clothes worn by the deity, wash them and hand them over back in a good condition. Clean the temple.

For eleven Mondays during Rahu kalam time, or during evening when day and night meets, perform Rudrabishekam at a Siva Temple. Offer your gratitude by meditating for 24 minutes.


Help a poor girl for her marriage. You can offer monetary or physical help to construct a roof at a temple. Install a light at Thayar Sannidhi in a Mahavishnu Temple with a silver lamp on a Friday. Perform a marriage of the deities in a temple. Participate in it as if you do a marriage at home.

On a Saturday during Rahu kalam time or a day when Krishna Paksha Ashtami and Wednesday combines, perform a Basmabishekam to Bairavar at a Siva Temple and also perform Rudrabishekam.

Instal a sarpa vigraham, perform pooja, donate land, thilam, gold etc after the pooja. This should be done a day where Rahu is posited in a rasi – Ex: Tuesday if it is in Mesha.


Offer Dwajam, White Samaram to a ganapathy temple. Offer these to a Sadu’s Samadhi also. Drop a flag in silver in the Hundi of a Ganapathy Temple.


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