Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some questions and Answers - 2

Ms Shyamala Subramanyam has asked the following questions. Her questions and my answers:

1. Please highlight what is samasapthamam with an example

Opposite Moon signs in Boy's and Girl's Horoscopes are called Sama Sapthama. When the boy's lagna and the girls lagna are in samasapthama positions it will cause physical attraction. If the janma rasis of moon signs are like this it is said to create mutual affinity between the couples. This is based on the principle that when the minds are united differences will not exist. The results will be very good when the moon's location of the girl is exactly at 180 degrees from the moon's location of the boy. All samasapthamas are good except Simha and Kumba and Mithuna/Kanya and Danur/Meena. This is based on the fact that Sun and Saturn are mutual enemies, so also Jupiter and Mercury. But some astrologers accept Ju and Me since both are harmless (benbefics). As far as Kataka and Makara is concerned, it is acceptable since Moon do not think Saturn as its enemy.

2. What rules do we follow if there is sastashtagam. In panchang it is said that if girl's rasi is otrai and that of boy's is rettai it is fine. So does that mean for rasi's like rishbam,katakam,kanni,vrichhigam,makaram and meenam we do not match their respective 6th rasis?

The astrologers of yester year divided this sashtashtagam in two ways. Subha Sashtashtagam and Asubha Sashtashtagam.  The general prediction is when the boy's rasi is 6th of girl's rasi it is "Putra nasam". When the boy's rasi is 8th of girl's rasi it is "More Putra Nasam". There is another school of thought that a native's life will undergo difficulties during the dasa of 6th and 8th rulers, in general. When it becomes the janma rasi of the spouse, the difficulties get multiplied. Again another school of thought is that when a match is made with sashtashtagam, they always fight with each other.

So here, where is the question of odd or even rasis? In my view, it is better to avoid matches with sashtashtagam status. Whether it is Rasi where mind is involved and lagan where body is involved, there comes a clash of Thathvas. They will be inimical either for boy or girl. This means one will think the other as enemy. Only on this predictions are given that they will fight with each other. So No Sashtashtagam.

3. In panchang for horse he has given buffalo and for elephant it is lion,for goat it is monkey for cow it is tiger and for deer it is dog as enemy yoni's.
But by nature are not lion and tiger enemies to all (horse, elephant,goat,cow buffalo,and deer)
can you clarify this?

Yoni is the supporter of creation. So a match of Yoni between boy and girl are seen as important. Our ancestors identify this with animals and advice as which animal is inimical to which animal?

 What is this concept? Why they should correlate this with an animal?

Every human is born with some animal instinct. It is the wonder of creation. If he or she is born with 100% human instinct then there is no creation. He needs an animal urge to mate with his partner. It is applicable for both. Then only we have creation. Every animal is distinct in its impulse for sexual urge and its type of action. The planets placed on these stars will reveal the type of urge when they get percolated. So the concept here is acceptance or compatibility of the urge between the two.

Aswini and Sathayam are Horses. In fact Sathyam has an urge of that is equivalent to 1000 horses. They are fast in their primal urge. Naturally they are inimical to Hastham and Swathi who are baffalos. These two are very slow. The primal urge will be slow.

Punarpusam and Ayilyam are Cats. They are neat animals and their urge will be clean. They are inimical to Rat which is a thief and is not neat. Makam and Pooram are rats. We all know that rats and cats are inimical.

Moolam and Thiruvathirai are dogs. They are laborious. They can not match with an animal that has a cosy urge - that is Rabbit. Anusham and Kettai are Rabbits. We know that dogs will chase rabbits.

Pooradam and Thiruvonam are monkeys. They are inimical to Krithikai and Poosam which are Sheep.

Chitra and Visakam are tigers. They are inimical to Uthiram and Uthirattathi which are Cows.  Tiger will eat away cows.

Avittam and Pooratthai are Lion and are inimical to Barani and Revathi which are elephant. Elephant is afraid of Lion and is not comfortable with it.

Rohini and Mrigaseera are snakes and are inimical to Uthiradam and Abijith which are mangoos.

So one can understand that it is not wild animals x mild or domestic animals. It is the type of urge or impulse towards mating.

An interesting analysis. Find out who is AK [Atmakarakan]and DK [Darakarakan]in a horoscope and in which stars they are posited. During the Prathyanthar Dasa of these planets the type of urge will be revealed.


  1. Sir...Thank you so much for the answers...Got a very clear picture now

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  3. Dear Sir,

    Would you please give an analysis of the " Samasapthama positions" and its results in our below horoscope?

    Dileepan: 24th September, 1957. Time: 5.21 PM

    Indu: 26th August 1972. Time: 3.40 PM

    Thank you.